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Salü Switzerland – Benvenuti Italia

The wintercamp is a community project. It has ancestory within both, BASSLINER Project and Wild Möhre. But it has been made possible by a much bigger group of people with different backgrounds. And it has been made possible by our guests who end up paying for participation thus financing the whole thing.

With so many different participating stakeholders, it’s important that big decisions are communicated well and explained properly.

Today we are announcing the Wintercamp 2024 and it will take place at a different site than our previous editions. We are starting from scratch in Italien south Tirolean Alpes. In the legendary Dolomites to be more precise. This is big news, an even through its just awesome in some way – it also involves changes.

Today I want to give you some insight as to:

  • Why are we moving at all?
  • How did we find the new location.
  • What changes will be made to the concept.


When you have been to Davos six weeks each in the past two winters, the city becomes somewhat part of you. And this even more so when you built yourself such a special place as our Wintercamp is. We have our little basement Club, the breakfast rooms, our own rooms and the stunning view of the alps.

As many have noticed, the Waldschlössli House was rented to us by “EP-Reisen” – a sport-travel-company from cologne, Germany. They again rent it from the Davos Kloster Bergbahn wich is the local Ropeway Company. Within the house, there is teams from EP-Reisen and from Wintercamp and we split responsibilities roughly like this:

  • Wintercamp does building up, decoration, guest management, club construction, technic, bar, frontdesk etc.
  • EP does Food, Ski Rental, Housekeeping.

Both teams worked in perfect harmony and it is important to us to  emphasize that the decision to move forward is not a decision against the house team.

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