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DOLOMITES once again!

Presale starts: 15.04.2024

This website will be updated within the next days. Most information from 2024 is still accurate.

Our homebase

The most beautiful place on planet earth?

We have found a perfect new base for Wintercamp in 2024 – and possibly for years to come.

Bye bye big city –  welcome to the Countryside:
A farm-yard like ensemble of 3 Houses, connected by courtyard will host Wintercamp 2024. The Wintercamp Refugium is surrounded by farmers and all houses have picturesque and stunning views over snow-covered mountains and valleys.


Embedded Artists @ WWC24

At Wintercamp we take the chance and invite artists we love to join us for a week in the alps. Most Artists come asyncron to our guests and will play for two different audiences.



While some artists get a special invitation for this special journey, many of our regular guests spin records too. Thus the programme of our clubnights is a mixture of artists in residency, our own crew and guests.

What ELSE?

With 1200 Piste Kilometers across 15 Resorts, Dolomiti Superski is the largest Skiarea in the World. Wintercamp 2024 will be connected to Gitschberg-Jochtal, Kronplatz, Val-Gardena, Val di Fassa, Alta Badia and Arraba with combined more then 750 Kilometers.

A public, free ski bus stops every hour right in front of our house and takes you to Gitschberg-Jochtal within 15 minutes. We provide 2 additional, private Skibusses for excursions to Kronplatz (25-30 Minutes) and Val-Gardena with the famous SellaRonda (40 Minutes) every day.

We take full control over the kitchen and will spend much more care – and at least double the money – on what will end up on the table. Our focus will be on regional specialities. For you that means:
7x Breakfast Buffet + DIY Lunchbox
7x Dinner Menü – mostly 4 course!

We figured that most Wintercampers join us with their buddies – mostly in groups of 3-6 people. Our new Refugium features much more rooms of these sizes and only very few big dorm rooms. We also have a “silent house” now where you won’t hear our club nights at all.


The Wintercamp 2024 will be only for 4 weeks 5 weeks.

A maximum of 580 People may participate. That is 150 people less than have participated in 2023. This is because of limited availabilityat our new refugium.

With this in mind, we would love to see as many of you lovely winter-campers again at our new spot. We strongly encourage everyone who wants to participate to reserve a spot early. 

Presale starts in March and a downpayment starting around €120,- per person will get you a spot.


We recommend taking one of our buses. We plan to offer departures from across Germany once again. There will be weekly departures from Berlin / Leipzig / Nuremberg / Munich and also a separate route for week 1 and week 2 that includes Hamburg / Hannover / Frankfurt / Stuttgart.

That being said, we also welcome everyone to join us and arrive individually:

By train:

We are well reachable with public transport.

By plane:

Please stay away from short-haul flights and join us by bus or train instead. If you depend on a plane, next airports are Bozen, Innsbruck or Milan.

By car:

We can offer limited parking spaces at our refuge. They are priced at 75-200 € per week depending on the size of your group (bigger group = smaller damage to our environment and better price for your car). All funds raised from parking fees are used to make our climate-friendly bus trips even cheaper.

WWC24 will happen for 4 weeks, from 27.01.24 to 24.02.2024. You may join us for 1 or more weeks. Also workation is welcome.

We take a non refundable deposit of 30% of the cost of your stay excluding your skipass and other add-ons. This is 120-250€ per Person depending on the lodging. The rest is due 8 weeks before your arrival.

We have decided to exclude the Dolomiti-Superski-Pass from the package. This is because there is a wide variety of skipasses for you to select from depending on your needs:


  • The full 6-day-Skipass for the entire Dolomiti-Superski is 386€
  • There is a “5 in 6” option, meaning that within 6 days you can ski 5 days for 360€
  • There is 4+2 Option, meaning that you can ski 4 days within our “house-resorts” Gitschberg-Jochtal and Brixen-Plose and 2 days in all other Superski Resorts for 326€

This is just to name 3 options. There are plenty more options fitting most budgets. There is even a “points card” where you “pay as you go”.

Whatever you decide, you can book your ski pass through us and have it waiting for you at your arrival! The payment is made once you book this add-on – you don’t have to worry about it now. We will inform everyone in great detail about the options and proceedings well before the trip.

While Dolomiti Superski features 15 Resorts with more than 1200 Piste kilometers – WWC including excursions will focus on 6 of them resembling almost 700 Piste kilometers, that are in the closer surroundings.

The closest mountain to hit is Gitschberg-Jochtal. There is a public ski-bus station less than 10 meters from our house where hourly, free buses take you to the Jochtal-Seilbahn. The ride is about 15-20 minutes.

This area has 55 piste kilometers, which is slightly more than the 50 kilometers at Davos-Jakobshorn “Jaki” area. It’s also where our beginner and refresher courses will start at.

We will have a private skibus starting right from our courtyard to Kronplatz. There will be 2 daily departures in the morning and 2 return trips in the afternoon. Times TBA.
The nonstop trip is 30 Minutes and Kronplatz has 120 piste kilometers which is already bigger than Davos’ Big Parsenn-Area.

Val Gardena – Val Badia – Arabba – Val di Fassa
This is the crazy one. Our second private skibus leaves every day for a day trip to Selva Wolkenstein – where you can enter the Sella Ronda and a perfectly interconnected circus of 4 areas within a completely insane 500 kilometers of pistes. That alone is twice what the entire Davos Kloster Mountain area has and it’s impossible to ride in a week. It’s a 45 Minute trip from our refugee though. You might not make it every day!

For both private ski buses:
The buses will stay at their destination and you may leave items such as casual shoes on the bus during your skiing day. They will also offer beer and other drinks as well.

We were not overly satisfied with the quality of ski and board rentals in the past years. Thus, we are currently speaking to rental companies to offer their services right at our refuge! There will be rental options for all budgets.

We will again offer ski and snowboard courses for beginners at the WWC. Courses for advanced levels will be subject to demand.

Your stay with us includes a bed in your selected accomodation and half-board-plus (7x Breakfast, 7x Dinner-Menu and DIY Lunch Box). It also includes our clubbing programme, workshops and activities.

We hope we don’t have to, but we preserve the right to take a surcharge of up to 50€ max because our calculation is based on the February 2023 prices for food, labor etc. We will try our best no to charge this at all and if we have to, we will try to keep it as low as possible.

Tourist Tax
There is a tourist tax of currently 1,20€ per night of your stay. This is subject to changes and we will have to charge you the tourist tax as part of your checkin. The tourist tax bringst you free local busses, so its a nice thing at the end.

Our House doesn’t come with a Sauna. We will have external collectives provide a Sauna anyways and are also looking into having hot tubs in the garden. To cover the costs for this, there will be a Spa-Pass. Calculations are not ready, but it won’t be more then 10€/day. Obviously this is only relevant if you are into Sauna / Hot Tubs.

Bus travel
The Bus trip, if needed, will be between 30€ and 70€ per leg, depending on where you join from.

Parking Spots have an extra cost.

The Skipass is not included. There is Skipass Options ranging from 250 to 380 €.

Fellow Wintercampers – we have big news.

The Winter Camp 2024 is officially confirmed and there are exciting changes and news to announce. So fasten your seat belts!

Long story short:

  • The Wintercamp 2024 is happening from 27.01.2024 until 24.02.2024 // This is only 4 weeks instead of 6 (!)
  • It will be located in Italy’s South Tirol (Alto Adige)
  • Dolomiti Superski is kicking in: 1.200 km of pistes spread over 12 resorts – including the famous Sella Round and the Snowboarder’s Paradise of Kronberg. The Dolomites is possibly the most beautiful setting to ride in the World, and is furthermore a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Our Crew takes full control of all aspects of this journey

We will dive into further details for you below, but it’s important for you to understand that the Wintercamp 2024 will host a maximum of 480 People. That is 250 people (or almost 40%) less than those who participated in 2023.

This is because our new site has limited availability – we might be able to add more weeks in 2025.

Our new site features:

  • An ensemble of 3 lovely old guest houses spread across a dreamy courtyard in a rural area with superb views over mountains and valleys.
  • Public skibus station 10 meters (!) from our house. (Free to use / Goes to Gitschberg-Jochtal Ski Resort every hour)
  • Additional: 2 x private ski buses powered by BASSLINER and starting right on our site exploring Dolomiti Superski Area every day
  • Much more rooms with smaller sizes: Only very few 7-bed-rooms and many 5-, 4-, 3-bed-rooms
  • Cheaper general living costs outside of our house: get an amazing pizza for around 10€ and enjoy your drinks at the enchanted mountain huts without remorse
  • No “kitchen free” day anymore. You get 7 dinners instead of 6!

While inflation keeps skyrocketing, we negotiated hard to keep prices as low as possible. With the calculation not completely done yet, we can already tell that one week; including a bed, very good food and our extensive party and workshop program will start at € 385 for early-birds.

The skipasses will be free to choose depending on how hard you want to ride the mountain or the dancefloor. Some of you might want to choose 5 out of 6 as well as individual days or all the days – this is your freedom now and you only pay for what you need.

However, while you don’t have to decide on the skipass just yet, one week with a full 6-day dolomiti superski pass costs you 365€.

You can save your spot for this adventure for yourself and your friends with a downpayment starting at 120€ per Person.

Let’s dive deeper into the story!

Full Control: Wintercamp unleashed!

We have had a lot of fun throughout the last two editions of our Wintercamp. If you have been in the first year and then again in the second year – you might have seen that we have done a lot to eliminate problems and have made the house and experience even better. However, over these past editions the Wintercamp was run in a system where we would always be limited to certain aspects of the experience. That was: check-in, club size, lounge and overall design.

We could not, and would never be able to gain control over other aspects of the journey. Food is the most important to name. And whilst the chef was super nice and the kitchen crew gave their best – the company behind these services would always limit the budget to a level that left many of us unsatisfied.

We tried to address this in the current year. You might have noticed the extensive selection of vegan spread at the breakfast or the cappuccino machine. That wasn’t provided by them but we put it out there to pimp your experience.

At our new site, we will take full control over everything, from kitchen to clubbing. This means that we will spend much more time, energy and at least twice the money on what ends up on the table. We will also say goodbye to the “food free Wednesday” and provide you with a meal every day of your stay. Breakfast won’t be limited to 2 hours but will go from 7:30am till 10:30am and we will always leave some stuff behind for those who didn’t make it. And for all those who aren’t much into driving down the hill, but also want to escape into the sunny nature we will add plenty of activities. This trip is for everyone. Feel free to bring the friends you want to hang out with the most.

Salü Switzerland – Benvenuti Dolomiti

We are very thrilled to take this journey to a whole new level by changing our site. Davos is lovely – but it’s a big city for one and it’s super expensive as you surely noticed.

Dolomites on the other hand is probably the best place in the world to go Skiing and Snowboarding. The Dolomiti-Superski Area includes 1,200 kilometers. That is much more than anyone could do in a week. (Feel free to stay 2!). People that are more on budget like many of us – it’s Italy! This means that everywhere the food is pretty affordable and of nearly unmatched quality. We went there a few weeks ago to check it out and it’s just incredible. A place like we have never seen before.

Rural, surrounded by mountains and picturesque countryside. That said, we are still well connected to the surrounding ski areas. The ski day starts and ends with a skibus ride of 15 minutes. The skibus stops right in front of the house – and more importantly: it is on the exact same height level, with absolutely no hike to get to the house!

We also love the fact of no longer partnering up with an international travel company as a service provider. We are now guests to a lovely family that has been running the refuge for decades. The “grandma” still lives there, she has been right there on this beautiful place of planet earth for more than 70 years, is a very nice person and will tell you a lot about the region if you sit down with her on a bank in the courtyard.

Our new host providers are thrilled for us to come there and we will of course build our infamous club in the basement again. The new location gives us plenty of room to fulfill our ideas!

You like it as much as we do? Then click here to save the date (LINK CALENDER PRESALE)

Wintercamp goes Dolomiti Superski !
27.01.2024 – 24.02.2024

PRESALE: 15.04.2024
Prices: From 450€ / Week

25% due on reservation.
75% due 8 weeks before your stay

Tickets do not include the skipass.

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